Amanda's Achievements

  • Featured with A Today Show correspondent in a tutorial at the CHA 2014 and designed the Today Show banner for the Banners of Hope. 

  • 2nd place booth award at the 2013 International Quilt Market
  • Did the interior design of a home that was featured in the 2012 Salt Lake Parade of Homes and won People's Choice for her work.

  • Three beautiful children and has been married to Mr. Fish the best husband this side of the Mississippi (and the other side too) for 17 years.
  • Has never been incarcerated...yet.  

          The Quilted Fish has been featured in:
  • April 2009 FabShop News

  •  June 2009 FabShop News

  •  November 2009 American Quilt Retailer

  •  Spring/Summer 2010 Quilt Sampler

  •  Fall/Winter 2010 Quilt Sampler

  •  Winter 2010 Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks from today’s top designers

  •  December 2010 FabShop News

  •  October 2011 FabShop News

  •  May/June 2012 Designs in Machine Embroidery

  •  July 2012 American Quilt Retailer

  •  July/August 2012 McCall’s Quilting

  •  Summer 2012 Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks from today’s top designers

  •  October 2012 McCall’s Quilting

  •  January/February 2013 McCall’s Quilting

  •  July 2013 American Quilt Retailer

  •  Fall/Winter 2013 Make it Yourself Magazine

The Quilted Fish Fabric Collections

Take a trip with us down memory lane and discover all the beautiful fabric that has been designed by the one and only Amanda Herring.


Everyone knows Amanda has an amazing talent for design and sewing but here are a few more things that we would like to share.  The Quilted Fish was born in 2009.  Why the Quilted Fish?  Because Amanda is a Herring!  Amanda loves to hand out “red Herrings” (aka Swedish Fish)  to help people remember her and her company.  In 2010, Amanda finished her first fabric line, “Sweet Divinity” for Riley Blake Designs. “ Sugar & Spice”, her second fabric line was sold at an “alarming rate” distributors claimed and one commented that the high demand for Amanda’s fabric was a “good problem to have.”  Amanda also has designed three scrapbook lines including: Avalon, Holiday Style, and Divinely Sweet, all for Bazzil Paper Products. 

Although, Amanda loves her career and The Quilted Fish, she loves the people in her life even more.  People often ask her what her favorite creation is.  Her answer never changes… her family.  She is also an amazing friend to those around her. Amanda is an extremely kind person, always using her talents and resources to bless the people around her.  One of Amanda’s greatest passions is helping others see their creative potential. She often does this with her children, friends, and employees.  This passion is what brought about the creation of Find Your Lula in 2013.  Amanda wanted to find a way to share her talents with others while providing opportunities for them to learn from her favorite friends and colleagues in the industry.  Find Your Lula is a retreat for people who want to grow creatively and be more business oriented.  Amanda “loves the opportunity to change lives” and this is a sure fire way to do it.

Everyone that spends time with Amanda notices that she puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Amanda does not go halfway, and makes things happen with her unconventional thinking.  She follows her dreams and makes them happen, which is something many people admire about her.  Spirituality is extremely important to Amanda as well.  She is always trying to be a better person and knows that there is a higher purpose to life besides herself. 

 - McKaye McMullin 
Head Mignon at The Quilted Fish

 Desert Bloom - Current


  Ardently Austen - Current


La Vie Boheme - Current


The Cottage Garden - Limited Availability


 - Out of Print

 - Out of Print


Madhuri - Out of Print


Flutter - Out of Print

Apple Of My Eye! - Out Of Print

Delighted! - Out of Print

Sugar & Spice - Out of Print

Sweet Divinity - Out of Print