Pattern Updates

Star of India
Using an isosceles triangle ruler is an absolute must on this pattern!  Templates can be distorted in the printing process.  Use the templates only as a guide for how to use your ruler.

Supply List
3/4 yard for inner border 

Bollywood Bag

Cutting instructions:

For a cutting diagram for this pattern, click HERE.

Sewing instructions:

8. Fold the 7 1/2” x 18” piece (flap) in half making a 7 1/2” x 9” piece

11. Lay all of the pieces together as they will be in the final product (back of bag face down, front of bag face up, front pocket on top of front of bag). Match up finished edges (top). Trim the bottoms so they match.  Sew starting at the top of one side, across the bottom and up the other side.  Backstitch at each end.  Trim all seams to 1/8" allowance.


An Apple A Day Book

The apple template for Apples in the Orchard was left out of the book! OH NO! So here is a link to the templates:

Mad Hats

Under cutting instructions:
Cut nine 1” x 9 ¾” strips from hat/flower fabric (hat brims)
supplies: you will need 1 yard of fabric for outer border

Bark A Lounger

8. Mark a scant ¼” around the outside of the top and bottom.

Pretty Pinafore

For fabric requirements add 1 yard for border

Paper Flowers

Fabric Requirements: 15 fat quarters for blocks and bracket shapes
Cutting Instructions:
Cut 3" strips into twenty-one 3" x 6" pieces

Year at a Glance

Cutting Instructions
Cut twelve 10 ½” x 12 ½” assorted creams and whites for backgrounds
Cut three 7 ½” x width of fabric of stop border
Cut three 5” x 40” of stop border
Sewing Instructions
5. Sew together the three 7 ½ x width of fabric strips and cut into two 7 x 46 ½” strips.
6. Sew together the three 5” x 40” strips and cut into two ….

Sassy Squares No. 2

The fabric requirements for the fat quarters state that you will need 10 fat quarters + yardage. This is enough to make the quilt, however, you will have one fabric repeat in the four patch blocks. If you would like to have four different fabrics in your four patch, you will need 11 fat quarters + yardage.

Pincushion Flower

Make sure that your circle is 4". Set your circle cutter to 2" (if you are using one).

Flowers for my Friend

If you purchase 1 1/2 yards for fabric #1, follow the cutting instructions as if you had purchased 60" fabric.

Love Letters

A few notes on fabric requirements...
You will want to add the following to your list of fabric requirements:
7/8 yard for bottom border
1/2 yard for side border
1/2 yard for corset pieces

Piece and Quiet

Under Complete Supply List -Please add 2 yards of fabric for page backing Fun on the Farm 3. Cut 2 pieces of red fabric 3 1/2" x 5 1/2".

I Wub Ewe

Fabric Requirements 5/8 yard for row 3 and 5, stars and lamb heads and feet.
Cutting Instructions: Cut two 3 1/2" x 35 1/2" strips of blue damask Cut two 1 1/2" x 35 1/2" strips of brown dot Cut one 18" x 35 1/2" blue and cream stripe

Giddy Bloomers

Just a tip.... Be sure that your angles match the angles in the picture!!! If your angles are reversed, you can lay it out upside down before sewing it.

Whoopsy Daisy

On the fabric requirements, make sure it says 4 fat quarters.
You will want to purchase 3 yards of rick rack (instead of the 2 1/2 indicated).
Sew the remaining 4 pink strips together in sets of 2. Cross cut the sets into 2 ½" pieces. Piece together to make a piece that is 4 squares by 4 squares.
Correction for cutting instructions: Cut pink dot for border into six 3 1/2" strips Sorry for any confusion!


Cut eight 3” x 31 ½” cream #2 for sides of broom handle
Cut four 7 ½” x 11” brown for broom
Cut four 2 1/2" x 31 1/2" brown for broom handles
Cut two 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" cream #2 for edges of cauldron
Cut one 4” x 32” strip of black
Cut one 4” x 32” strip of cream #1
4. Sew to the bottom of the 7 ½” x 11” piece...
6.Sew one 3" x 31 1/2" piece to each side of the 2 1/2" x 31 1/2" piece (broom handle)
11. Sew one 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" cream #1 hat band egde piece to each end of the hat band piece.
20. Trim to 21 1/2" x 11 1/2"....
26. Applique circles onto 7 1/2" x 21 1/2" of cream #2.
27. Sew the two 4” x 32” strips together. Press towards black piece.
28. Cross cut pieced strips into into 4” sections.

Pattern piece one should be the one with the notch out of the top. Please make sure they are numbered correctly!